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Choosing Paint Colors

I'm here to discuss an important subject....Choosing Paint Colors. 

I know, I know, why such a controversial topic for our monthly letter?  Well, recently we had three large properties delay the start of their job because they assumed it would be easy for everyone to come together and choose new colors.  Well, it clearly wasn't and sometimes it takes a while.

Color choice is a very personal matter.  What one homeowner loves, another wouldn't wish on his worst enemy.  I was once at a dinner party where a fellow guest complimented the new yellow walls.  Several of us agreed, however one couple at the end of the table threw down their napkins and said they thought yellow should only be for school buses and taxis.

The good news is, here at Ferris Painting, we are well-prepared to deal with such a crisis.  We have the patience, the knowledge and experience to ensure that our clients get a color they can all live with for years to come.

We have the ability to take a picture of your building and with a computer, provide you with pictures of various alternate color schemes.  Then, when you see it, you'll know whether or not you like it. 

We won't let you settle for "Hi Ho Silver", when "Dangerous Robot" is available.  Come on....who wouldn't want "Dangerous Robot" on their building?!?!  There are over 1,000 colors to choose from.  So, if you are getting ready to paint, get your colors chosen soon.  Don't let it delay the start of your paint job.

If you need a paint estimate and want to have a frank discussion about color, click here.