Ferris Painting

Painting Southern California One Building at a Time

Serving Los Angeles and Ventura Counties

Since 1975

Lic. #872494


Since the dawn of humankind, our species has grappled with a great many problems, but perhaps none is as frustrating as the problem of IMPERMANENCE.

You know how it goes:  Your brand new, shiny car eventually turns faded, dented and scratched.  The wonderful, well-ironed, brand new white shirt you picked up becomes a lasagna-stained disgrace.  The smiling infant to whom you gave birth turns into an eye-rolling teenager...

Scholars have attempted to deal with the human challenge of impermanence, but none of them have arrived at a flawless answer.  That's where Ferris Painting comes in.  We've not only solved this issue - which, we'd like to remind you, has existed since ancient times - but we've done so with style, grace and a resilient smile.

Since we've been in business, we've made good use of our FOUR TO TEN-YEAR WARRANTY.  We're known for wanting the paint we put on to stay where it goes, rather than sneaking away in the dark of night.

But what just happened?  You're slapping your palm against your forehead and thinking, "By golly!  Someone just scratched our recently painted beautiful walls when they were moving their stuff."

Now what do you do???  Don't panic!  Just call us and we'll be there to make the job look good as new.  The is where our innovative new BEAUTIFICATION PROGRAM becomes relevant...

When you hire us to do a job of a specific minimum size (which we'll be pleased to explain in greater detail when you contact us), we will devote one day a year (at NO EXTRA COST) to showing up and re-painting any spots that got damaged, scratched, faded or otherwise removed from perfection since the original job was completed.

That means when you say goodbye to our painters, you don't have to get all teary-eyed and full of regret, depressed in the knowledge that you'll never, ever see them again.  Heck, no!  They'll be back once a year to keep that paint job good and fresh.

If you would like to take advantage of our BEAUTIFICATION PROGRAM, please click here.