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    If it wasn’t for changes, how would we know any time has passed?
    When I was a kid, every few years, I would see my grandmother, Kathryn, known as “Oma“.  She was a strong-willed German woman born in 1907.  I seldom saw her because she lived far away.  When I did finally see her, she would always pinch my cheeks and coo over how much I’d grown.  And when it happened, I wondered what the big deal was.  I mean, I looked in the mirror every day.  If there had been a big change, I would have noticed!  

    Besides, “Oma” always looked just the same!  

    Of course, personal changes keep happening over our lifetimes.  I just celebrated my 50th birthday.  My hair hasn’t disappeared but every time I look in the mirror, it’s a little grayer and a new line seems to have taken residence somewhere on my face. For those of us to whom 30 is a fond but increasingly distant memory, we occasionally run across an old friend, and think, “Holy cats! He looks old! ”   Tactfully, we say no such thing and only marvel aloud over how good it is to see them.  We say nothing about what’s really on our mind.  Hopefully, they don’t either!  

    But with the people we see from day to day, we usually don’t notice these changes because they occur over such a long time period.

    Paint jobs are exactly like that!  

    Day by day the paint fades a little bit, wears a little bit, peels a little bit.  Because it’s so gradual, we often don’t notice how shabby the old paint job has gotten over the last few years.  After all, paint lasts for five years on wood and steel and can last for as many as 20 years on stucco (though ten years is really the average).  What changes that  occur to your paint job on any given day are microscopic and gradual.  But gradually all things come to pass.  And gradually it becomes time to paint once more.  

    Looking at the personal level again.  If your hair is a little gray, you can dye it.  And if you’re a little overweight, well you can diet too!  But there is no real way to turn the clock back to the 70’s or 80’s or 90’s.

    Paint jobs are not exactly like that.  

    An old building can become newborn with a paint job.  Professional patching, priming and painting can turn the structure that has gradually become a geriatric case, into a bouncing baby building.  

    If only there was such an easy solution to getting older!

    So take a look at your building with the eyes of a stranger, not with the everyday eyes that are seeing it “how it’s always looked”.  It just might be time to give the old place a facelift!   

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