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Painting Your Building COMPLETE

We have noticed an increase in a lot of properties painting their COMPLETE building instead of just painting the stucco or just painting the trim.  I usually recommend painting complete but was curious why it increased, so I started asking these owners “Why did you choose to paint everything all at once?”  Here are the most popular answers I heard:

1. Easier to Stay on Schedule -
When painting everything at the same time, we don't need to keep track of which year we are supposed to paint our wood or our wrought iron, or is it the walkways?   Oh wait, maybe it's the doors, or is it the stucco? Confusing right?

2. Less Inconvenience to Our Homeowners -
Our homeowners have a lot of plants and decorations on their balconies which are difficult for them to move often.

3. Overall Better Curb Appeal to Prospective Buyers and Tenants -
 We like to paint our entire complex because the duty of our board of directors is to preserve property values so our HOA looks its best.  

4. A Better Commitment to Making our Residents Happy.

5. Aesthetics – We Would Never Have a Completed Finished Look -
Sure enough, when we used to just paint the trim, the surfaces we didn’t paint ended up looking worse when we saw them right next to what was just freshly painted.  When we finished, we ended up needing to paint the rest of it so EVERYTHING looked great instead on just one part.  
                                That Would Have Saved Us MONEY!

6. It Costs Us Less Money Overall-
We used to only paint one building each year but we found out that by doing all our buildings together, we ended up saving a lot of money because we got a better deal for doing everything all together.

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