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“You get what you pay for...”

       There is a widely used saying that “You get what you pay for”.  Here is another example confirming that. 
      We just received a phone call from a distressed board member of an HOA.  She said they need one building completely re-painted AND the paint is fading on all the trim of the rest of the buildings that face south after having the complex painted less than two years ago.  The trim was a medium-brown color but the south sides now look a reddish-pink color.  We did not do this job, so I asked her why the contractor that did, didn’t come out to look at the problem.  She said they are now out of business.  The HOA originally chose them because they were the cheapest bid but the $170,000 they paid wasn’t money well spent.  
     The board now knows why they were the cheapest bid…..because they weren’t the best bid! 
     Painting is valuable, but the quality with which it is applied can vary greatly.  You usually get what you pay for.  There are different levels of quality in painting and contractors, just like everything we buy from paper towels all the way up to the home we live in. 

A few questions to ask your paint contractor next time you are deciding on who to choose.
1.    Explain the type of paint that will be used on each surface and why. 
2.    How many years has the contractor been in business? 
3.    How long is my guarantee and what does it cover?  Is it in writing?
4.    Are they licensed and insured to work on your type of property? 
5.    When you meet with each contractor, pay attention to their behavior.  Are they businesslike and professional?
6.    Get references of properties similar to yours in your area.  Call the references and go see the properties.  Ask about their experience with that contractor. 

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