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I want you to know that this is a first for me.  I have not written a "Thank You" letter to any company before.  I usually have a lot to complain about, but not in your case.

I got in touch with you, I believe in October or November 2010.  Actually it was due to all the mailings and post-it notes.  They were very informative and interesting and I did not resent them almost weekly.  I called and asked for references which were forthcoming with no delay, made it a point to check you out and with my talking to the various parties, who could not have been more helpful and pleased with your work.  One man told me his brother, who has a painting company, said he could not have done it at your price.

I called and set up an appointment with.  You came and gave me an estimate.  I chose the colors that I wanted.

The work started in November of 2012 and completed in a very short time, being all the preparation that had to be done.

To make a very long story short I could not have been more pleased with your workers.  They were clean and professional.  What "blew me away" was that they even covered the driveway with plastic as not to get paint on it.

You did not hesitate to send Marvin back to do the retouching that was needed.

I have been getting nothing but good feedback from whoever comes in our building, thanks.

I'm so very pleased that I have recommended your Company to the Condominium Board where we call home.

M. Wolveck
Euclid Ave., Pasadena