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Thank you for reaching out to me as sometimes life gets in the way of just saying "Thank You".  For that I sincerely apologize.  Although I've been extremely busy, I'm reminded daily of how well our front gate here looks, either by contractors, homeowners or by my own admission.  Your guys did an awesome job!

The day your guys came out couldn't have been more hectic, constantly having to stop and start work because of traffic.  In my eyes this expresses how well your guys were able to adapt and complete the job in record time.  A dry newly painted gate when homeowners cam home was a priceless undertaking.  You and your guys made my week!  Your crew was very professional, polite and approachable.

Angela was awesome and she made sure I didn't miss her because she had an appointment.  It warmed my heart.  Appreciation of on't time shows character.  It's sad but some businesses lack the humanity it takes to communicate and I truly appreciate that about your company.  Your "Old Skol" way of doing business is a lost art; Where your word is your bond and trust is everything.  I wish there were more vendors out there like you.

Anyway Greg, it's been a sheer pleasure.  Keep up the great work.

J. Hogsett