Ferris Painting

Painting Southern California One Building at a Time

Serving Los Angeles and Ventura Counties

Since 1975

Lic. #872494

"You've asked:  what was it like for us to work with Ferris Painting?  That's a 
hard question to answer.
Here's how I view it...
A phone call to get an estimate and to set up a date.
A phone call to rearrange our schedule.
The estimate approved by email.
The crew shows up on the right date and on time.
The crew goes to work.
The crew works quietly, efficiently, with little wasted effort.
The job is completed on time.  On budget.
The job is reviewed by the crew leader.
Minor touch-ups here and there.
Job done.  And done beautifully.
From our point of view, that's now exactly what I'd call "work".  You and the 
crew made everyone's life here a bit easier.  When things happen the way 
everybody agrees it should, it's called "professionalism."  And from start to 
finish Ferris was professional.  Y'gotta love it.  
Well done!"

D. & M. Ullman
For the Chateau Fontaine Home Owners Association