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Dare to be an optimist!

    At Ferris Painting we like to start the year off with a positive outlook.  Here is a wonderful saying that keeps me focused on the good things in life…
”Always have something you are looking forward to doing”

Here are just some of the many good things that happened in 2012:
Property values are up!
Interest rates are at fantastic low rates!
The stock market is up!
New car sales increased 13% in the US.  The biggest jump since 1984!
The US economy is increasing it’s growth!
Our unemployment rate has dropped to it’s lowest level since 2009!
New construction forecast is positive for 2013!

Here are some useful tips to keep that positive outlook going all year long:
Stop watching or reading the news.
Stop reading the newspaper.
Don’t take part in gossip or listen to rumors.
Take a walk, just 30 minutes a day to clear your head and get some fresh air.

These actions are proven to improve a person’s outlook on life.  Try them and see what happens.

Since property values are up, now is a great time to consider painting your property.  Painting not only improves the appearance, but also protects your property against the elements of sun, wind and rain.

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