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Happy New Year!

    The days are getting shorter and the nights are getting longer.  I’m sure those must be lyrics to some song, but they’re more than just that.  The sun setting earlier is not always a bad thing.  The end of the year brings a lot of fun; seeing little kids in their Halloween costumes, bigger kids coming home to be with their families for Thanksgiving, and the big surprise of what might be under the tree at Christmas (as well as any other celebrated holiday where you enjoy decorating your living room with strewn wrapping paper and ribbons all over the floor).  

    And finally, we start off the New Year fresh with endless possibilities of what might be to come….Ahh Happiness!

    The same goes for us here at Ferris Painting.  We get together with friends and family that we haven’t seen in a while, eat, laugh and eat some more!  Oh yeah and one more thing, WE PAINT!  
    Living here in Southern California enables us to paint every week of the year.  We have paint that can be applied even when it gets down as cold as 35 degrees.  That’s cold for me, since I’m a born and raised Californian, but not too cold for the paint.  When I grow up, I want to be tough like paint. :) 

    Our crews work 10 hours per day and 4 days per week (we actually had to apply to the State of California for special permission).  Here are the top 3 benefits to you when we do this:  

1.    If we do miss a day or two due to rain, we have 3 more days in the week to make up that time.  This keeps your project on schedule. Hooray!

2.    We only have to set up and break down 4 times per week, not 5 times.  That saves about 40 minutes per man per day, and over the duration of the job ends up saving you money by us being able to eliminate waste and keep our costs down. 

3.    We are on the job working and making noise only 4 days per week and not 5.  One more day of quiet peace, and the job still stays on schedule.  What could be better? 

    We live in one of the best climates on earth so even after it rains, our humidity is usually so low that stucco, wood and metal dry out quickly and we can get back to work beautifying your property and the world around you.  

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Your Interiors Need Love Too

   Most people know us for specializing in painting the exteriors of buildings, but we wanted to let you know that we also paint common area interiors of buildings such as lobbies, hallways and stairwells. 

    We know you want the exterior of your property to look like a million bucks but remember your interiors! They need love too!  The general public doesn’t see your hallways or stairwells but you may see them every day and they should be something nice for you to come home to. 

    Have a look around the interior common areas of your property.  Does it have a fresh, clean look or does it look old and dingy?  

    Here is a recent recommendation we received from one of our customers that we thought you would like to see.  

    “I want to thank you all for a job well done.  I am well pleased…I so appreciated all the crew - Jaime, Alex, Pedro.  They were patient, helpful - moving a lot of heavy pots, always with a smile.  Michael (our superintendent) was patient and helpful with color changes. Jaime (our foreman) always went the extra mile.  I will miss their company.  I am most thankful for your help.”    -A.Z.

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Painting Your Building COMPLETE

We have noticed an increase in a lot of properties painting their COMPLETE building instead of just painting the stucco or just painting the trim.  I usually recommend painting complete but was curious why it increased, so I started asking these owners “Why did you choose to paint everything all at once?”  Here are the most popular answers I heard:

1. Easier to Stay on Schedule -
When painting everything at the same time, we don't need to keep track of which year we are supposed to paint our wood or our wrought iron, or is it the walkways?   Oh wait, maybe it's the doors, or is it the stucco? Confusing right?

2. Less Inconvenience to Our Homeowners -
Our homeowners have a lot of plants and decorations on their balconies which are difficult for them to move often.

3. Overall Better Curb Appeal to Prospective Buyers and Tenants -
 We like to paint our entire complex because the duty of our board of directors is to preserve property values so our HOA looks its best.  

4. A Better Commitment to Making our Residents Happy.

5. Aesthetics – We Would Never Have a Completed Finished Look -
Sure enough, when we used to just paint the trim, the surfaces we didn’t paint ended up looking worse when we saw them right next to what was just freshly painted.  When we finished, we ended up needing to paint the rest of it so EVERYTHING looked great instead on just one part.  
                                That Would Have Saved Us MONEY!

6. It Costs Us Less Money Overall-
We used to only paint one building each year but we found out that by doing all our buildings together, we ended up saving a lot of money because we got a better deal for doing everything all together.

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“You get what you pay for...”

       There is a widely used saying that “You get what you pay for”.  Here is another example confirming that. 
      We just received a phone call from a distressed board member of an HOA.  She said they need one building completely re-painted AND the paint is fading on all the trim of the rest of the buildings that face south after having the complex painted less than two years ago.  The trim was a medium-brown color but the south sides now look a reddish-pink color.  We did not do this job, so I asked her why the contractor that did, didn’t come out to look at the problem.  She said they are now out of business.  The HOA originally chose them because they were the cheapest bid but the $170,000 they paid wasn’t money well spent.  
     The board now knows why they were the cheapest bid…..because they weren’t the best bid! 
     Painting is valuable, but the quality with which it is applied can vary greatly.  You usually get what you pay for.  There are different levels of quality in painting and contractors, just like everything we buy from paper towels all the way up to the home we live in. 

A few questions to ask your paint contractor next time you are deciding on who to choose.
1.    Explain the type of paint that will be used on each surface and why. 
2.    How many years has the contractor been in business? 
3.    How long is my guarantee and what does it cover?  Is it in writing?
4.    Are they licensed and insured to work on your type of property? 
5.    When you meet with each contractor, pay attention to their behavior.  Are they businesslike and professional?
6.    Get references of properties similar to yours in your area.  Call the references and go see the properties.  Ask about their experience with that contractor. 

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Our Superintendent

    Our superintendent, Michael, who successfully runs all of our crews has been doing a great job.  I wanted to share some recent feedback we received from our customers about him and the excellent work that we have been doing.

    “We the Franciscan Park Board appreciate the beautiful painting job that was done at our complex. The clean up at the end of each day in the complex and in Guest Parking was really outstanding. Mike was so considerate in responding to anything we pointed out to him. He was great to work with. Very professional! We will highly recommend you to others.”  ~ P.S.

       “Thank you so much for the work you accomplished recently at Warwick Terrace, our 105-unit multi-building property in Los Angeles. Your crew repainted the entire project inside and out, with tenants remaining in place, and did so professionally, timely, on budget, and with courtesy and respect to our tenants. We appreciated your efforts, and will be sure to call for our next project.” ~ S.B.

    “Ferris Painting has just completed the project of painting the wrought iron fences in our complex and I wanted to thank you for a job well-done and compliment you on the excellent workmanship.  Your team of painters were professional, extremely competent, and easy to work with. The painting of all the wrought iron fences throughout our complex looks wonderful and we are very pleased with the results. Thank you for your help!” ~ K.S.

    “Everything exceeded our expectations. Your crew is neat, punctual, and very courteous. You are real pros. Thanks!” ~ L.S.

    We would be happy to provide YOU with an excellent paint job!  If you would like a free painting estimate, Click here to contact us today!

Is it necessary to paint stucco?

    Homeowners often wonder if it is necessary to paint stucco.  The answer is absolutely!
    First of all, what is stucco?  Stucco is a rough substance, containing cement, sand, and water, used for covering the exterior walls of many buildings here in the Southwest.  It is inexpensive to maintain provided it is painted, however problems occur when it is left unpainted.  Mildew and moisture can be absorbed into the structure of your home during a sustained rain causing mold, and also by improperly aimed sprinklers.  Unpainted stucco stains easily during periods of rain, which bring dirt and other pollutants into the stucco.  Moisture can also cause stucco to crack and crumble.
    Painting: Painting stucco with a high quality water-resistant paint provides a water barrier which helps prevent moisture from penetrating into your home while also allowing moisture vapor to escape to the outside.  This keeps the interior of your home dry.  The waterproof “black paper” that was installed when your home was built lasts about 30 years before it begins to degrade and crack, which can allow moisture to get inside your home.  To maintain a waterproof barrier, it is therefore especially important to keep a good quality coat of paint on the outside of older stucco structures.
    Fog coating:  Another option to painting is to “fog-coat” your home.  Fog coating is a thin watery coating of colored cement applied to the existing stucco surface.  This is usually done with a plastic pump that sprays a mist of color…kind of like a fog.
    The benefit of fog-coating is that the surface looks refreshed and it is cheaper than painting.  But the drawback to fog-coating is it still doesn’t protect against mildew, moisture, mold and staining.  You are also not able to change colors, so whatever color was popular back when your home was originally built is what you are stuck with.  In addition, it is only an option if the stucco has never been painted.
    Paint provides better protection than fog-coating and paint sticks to stucco extremely well and when correctly prepared, does not usually peel.  Also touching up a wall tagged with graffiti is very simple and inexpensive.  You can’t cover that with fog-coat.
    The popularity of colors changes every decade or so and painting current attractive colors when ever you want maximizes your property value which benefits you…the homeowner!  
    So, if you ever wondered if you should paint your stucco-covered building, now you know.  We are experts at this and would be happy to help you maintain the life & beauty of your property.  
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    Happy Thanksgiving, Merry Christmas, Happy New Year and Happy Holidays!  It puts a smile on my face just to say all that.  I always look forward to this time of the year.  

    More happiness here at Ferris Painting……………Our steadfast office manager and executive assistant, Angela, and her husband, are just days from having their first baby, a girl…that I have named “Raspberry”.  When Angela first said she was pregnant, she described it as the size of a raspberry.  Ever since then, that’s the name that stuck with me and I like it!  
    Angela will be out for about three months and filling in for her will be Jeri.  Jeri has been in our office learning the five million things Angela does for a couple weeks now.  Jeri has caught on very quickly and we are very happy to have her.  So if you call and hear a different voice on the phone, please welcome her.  She is already doing a great job!

    I am also pleased to say that our superintendent, Michael, is back to work after eight weeks of dealing with a bum back.  He is feeling much better now and I’m sure diet and exercise will keep him going strong for many years to come.

    I’ll be giving our crews Christmas week and New Years week off to spend time with their families.  We will have a limited staff available, but our office will be open...so if you are considering painting next year, call us soon so we can get you a free estimate.  Click here to contact us today!

A little about my life...

    Well, another year, another Ironman race successfully done.  I’ve now completed 5 Ironman races since 2007 as well as about 75 other shorter distance races.  

    This year’s race was on Sunday, September 22nd, in Lake Tahoe.  An Ironman race consists of a 2.4 mile swim, 112 mile bike ride and ending with a 26.2 mile marathon.  The race starts at 6:40am and the clock continues to run until you finish the swim, the bike and the run so you don’t stop until you cross the finish line or they pull you from the course for being too slow.   

    Lake Tahoe sits at 6200’ elevation which means the mornings and nights can get cold.  Adding to the cold, a  random storm passed thru the area the day before the race and we got SNOW!  And more cold!

    This years race started on the north side of the lake at King’s Beach.  I awoke at 4:00am on race morning and got myself down to the start and put my wetsuit on at about 6:30am.  I then walked across the sand and as I was walking, my feet felt strange.  I looked down to see the sand was covered with frost and the temperature was 32 degrees.  Oh boy, it’s going to be a cold one!  The day stayed cold, but at least the sky was clear and racing amongst the snow capped mountains was beautiful.

    There are about 25 Ironman races held each year throughout the world and this year’s race in Lake Tahoe has been labeled the toughest race they’ve ever held.  2,751 people paid their $700 and signed up for the race.  Over 1,000 people didn’t finish the race which gave it the highest DNF (did not finish) rate of any Ironman ever at over 35%.  I finished in 13 hours and 17 minutes, which was 2 hours slower than my last race in Arizona.  Ironman races are supposed to be tough, and this one was especially tough.  I am very happy I did the race and proud I finished it.      

    My older son will be heading off to college next year, so I’ll be skipping Ironman in 2014 in order to spend more time with him.  Instead of racing triathlons, I’ll be racing around the country checking out colleges with him.  Should be fun!

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    If it wasn’t for changes, how would we know any time has passed?
    When I was a kid, every few years, I would see my grandmother, Kathryn, known as “Oma“.  She was a strong-willed German woman born in 1907.  I seldom saw her because she lived far away.  When I did finally see her, she would always pinch my cheeks and coo over how much I’d grown.  And when it happened, I wondered what the big deal was.  I mean, I looked in the mirror every day.  If there had been a big change, I would have noticed!  

    Besides, “Oma” always looked just the same!  

    Of course, personal changes keep happening over our lifetimes.  I just celebrated my 50th birthday.  My hair hasn’t disappeared but every time I look in the mirror, it’s a little grayer and a new line seems to have taken residence somewhere on my face. For those of us to whom 30 is a fond but increasingly distant memory, we occasionally run across an old friend, and think, “Holy cats! He looks old! ”   Tactfully, we say no such thing and only marvel aloud over how good it is to see them.  We say nothing about what’s really on our mind.  Hopefully, they don’t either!  

    But with the people we see from day to day, we usually don’t notice these changes because they occur over such a long time period.

    Paint jobs are exactly like that!  

    Day by day the paint fades a little bit, wears a little bit, peels a little bit.  Because it’s so gradual, we often don’t notice how shabby the old paint job has gotten over the last few years.  After all, paint lasts for five years on wood and steel and can last for as many as 20 years on stucco (though ten years is really the average).  What changes that  occur to your paint job on any given day are microscopic and gradual.  But gradually all things come to pass.  And gradually it becomes time to paint once more.  

    Looking at the personal level again.  If your hair is a little gray, you can dye it.  And if you’re a little overweight, well you can diet too!  But there is no real way to turn the clock back to the 70’s or 80’s or 90’s.

    Paint jobs are not exactly like that.  

    An old building can become newborn with a paint job.  Professional patching, priming and painting can turn the structure that has gradually become a geriatric case, into a bouncing baby building.  

    If only there was such an easy solution to getting older!

    So take a look at your building with the eyes of a stranger, not with the everyday eyes that are seeing it “how it’s always looked”.  It just might be time to give the old place a facelift!   

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What we've been up to.

    There have been a lot of great things and exciting news happening at Ferris Painting lately!

    We have been painting some really great jobs that I want to let you know about.

    We just finished 157 units at Carefree Living for Sammie Needham in Port Hueneme.  We paint between 100-200 units each year for them.  Sammie is an incredible manager and makes it a pleasure working for them.

    We are halfway thru painting 16 buildings at Highland OA near the Hollywood Bowl.  They changed colors and we added another accent color to the stucco.  The residents are raving about it.  It looks like an Italian Villa now.  The old salmon color was definitely dated and the new colors look incredible.

    We painted two buildings for Erik at Management Emporium in Glendale, one on Brand and one on Louise.  These buildings look fantastic now.

    And the best news for last…on June 29th, our dependable office manager, Angela, just celebrated her 10 year anniversary working here at Ferris Painting.  Thank you Angela!  And with that she announced…“we are going to have a new employee in a few months.”  Angela is due to give birth to her first child in November, a bouncing baby girl.  I know she will be a great mom!

    Hmmm, it looks like I’m going to need some help finding paint brushes for two really small hands.  I wonder where I can find some?

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Rain in October?

    As a place to live, the Los Angeles area is the crème de la crème - proof that life can be a bowl of cherries.  Our gentle climate nurtures us all, from the “peaches and cream” complexion of a Hollywood Starlet to the golden raisin tan of a Malibu Surfer.

    Last week I had to turn away an association that wanted to have Ferris Painting do their paint job before the rains start in October.  I thought to myself…“rain in October?”  Hmmm.  While I guess that is possible, statistically it’s not likely here in Southern California.

    That got me thinking…“just how much did rain effect us last year?”  So I looked it up and found out it rained a mere 6 inches in the past year.  The statistics always tell the truth!  We were actually delayed more due to wind than rain but none to fire, flood, famine or locust…as the famous saying goes.

    When one of those rare rain days leaves the stucco or wood too wet to paint, our desert climate is so wonderful that the wet surfaces dry out quickly and we can usually resume painting a day later and finish the job on schedule.

    Is painting seasonal?  Sure is, all the seasons!  We paint in Spring, Summer, Fall and Winter.  At least we have been every year for the past 38 years.

    Material costs do go up the beginning of each year, so now is an excellent time to plan for painting this fall or winter!  We would be happy to send our estimator, George, out to your building and give you an estimate.  He’s been in the business for over 30 years and I know you’ll really like him  Give us a call at 818-951-3207 or fax it to 818-951-5279.  Or you can email me at greg@ferrispainting.com or log on to our website at www.ferrispainting.com and email us from there.


    Here is a question we have been asked throughout our 38 years in the painting business. To alter Shakespeare’s famous phrase just a bit:


    Here is a general timeline that works well.  Wood and wrought iron should be painted every 5-6 years.  Stucco is a different story.  It should be painted every 10-12 years, since it doesn’t deteriorate as fast as wood or metal.

    The topic that we are asked about the most is wood.  Wood is a naturally strong, long-lasting and beautiful building material, when it’s protected.  We generally use paint to protect wood.  This is where I come in.  If you wait too long after the last time your wood was painted, it begins to enter into a downward spiral that ends with your wood turning into dirt.  Long before that, your wood will look like it needs to be painted.  It starts peeling, flaking and cracking.  This means it has entered the dirt spiral.  It is safer to paint by the book (every 5 or 6 years on average) than it is to take the following risk.

    We recently painted an HOA that waited too long to protect their wood.  The paint job cost $18,000 and the cost to repair/replace the bad wood that was found throughout the building was an additional $38,000, yikes!  The majority of this carpentry work could have been avoided if they had painted on a regular schedule.

    The lesson learned:  Don’t let your wood slide down that dirt spiral!  Paint on the outside of a building is not merely adornment.  It preserves your property value and your largest investment which can save you money in the long-run.

    If your wood or any other surfaces look like they need to be painted or better yet, if  per the timeline above it is time to paint, give us a call. Estimates are free!  

    I‘m Greg Lewis, the President of Ferris Painting.  If you would like a free painting estimate, Click here to contact us today!.

How I became a small business owner...

    Los Angeles is known as the entrepreneurial capital of the world.  We have about 200,000 small businesses, which is twice as many as can be found in any other region of the United States.  

    My name is Greg Lewis, I’m the owner of Ferris Painting and this is my story on how I became a small business owner.

    I’m a native Californian, born and raised.  We lived on “The Westside” of Los Angeles, right across the street from Roxbury Park.  Growing up, I would play Little League Baseball, AYSO Soccer, Team Tennis and Basketball.  I spent darn near every weekday afternoon and weekend at Roxbury Park. My mother was an actress and she helped me land a small part as a bad-boy “cub” in a 1976 movie called ‘Logan’s Run’ with Michael York and Jenny Agutter. I decided that acting was not for me, I much preferred sports.

    As a teenager I continued to play sports and really excelled at golf.  So after high school I went to the University of Houston for the sole reason that they were the #1 ranked golf team in the nation.  We won NCAA’s my freshman year and after school I turned pro.  That turned out not to be as easy as I thought.  So while playing on various mini-tours, I got a job at a local country club.  One day in 1986, the head pro at that club asked me to paint the outside of his house.  Right there my painting career started.  I could actually do pretty well supporting myself while I was playing on mini-tours.

    In 2005, I met Steve Ferris, the founder of Ferris Painting.  Steve was looking to retire and I was looking to take the next step up in the business world.  So we came to a mutual agreement and I have been running things here at Ferris Painting ever since.  

    We paint all over Los Angeles County and Ventura County.  One of the HOAs we are currently painting is Carefree Living in Port Hueneme.  If you would like to see our work, give us a call and we’ll give you some references for your area.

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The Top 10 Reasons to Hire Ferris Painting for Your Paint Job

Why should you hire Ferris Painting to paint your property?  There are several reasons!  
Here are a few:

1.  We are well-known as one of the area’s most trusted and experienced painting companies.

2.  With 38 years of experience in the painting business, we are completely dedicated to quality workmanship and customer satisfaction.

3.  We are fully licensed, bonded and insured and would be happy to provide you with documentation.  This protects the customer (YOU!).

4. We are a lead-safe EPA (Environmental Protection Agency) certified company.

5.  We only use the highest quality materials to make sure your project comes out looking the best it possibly can.

6.  Along with your paint job we can repair damaged stucco, wood and wrought iron.

7.  Photo renderings are available at no cost with most jobs we do.  This way you can SEE the different color options for your building.

8.  We have some of the best guarantees in the industry, including our free BEAUTIFICATION PROGRAM (call for details).

9.  Thousands of satisfied customers have chosen us for their painting needs and come away with an incredible looking paint job.  We can provide references!

10. Estimates and consultations are free, give us a call at 818-951-3207 or Click here to contact us today!!

Dare to be an optimist!

    At Ferris Painting we like to start the year off with a positive outlook.  Here is a wonderful saying that keeps me focused on the good things in life…
”Always have something you are looking forward to doing”

Here are just some of the many good things that happened in 2012:
Property values are up!
Interest rates are at fantastic low rates!
The stock market is up!
New car sales increased 13% in the US.  The biggest jump since 1984!
The US economy is increasing it’s growth!
Our unemployment rate has dropped to it’s lowest level since 2009!
New construction forecast is positive for 2013!

Here are some useful tips to keep that positive outlook going all year long:
Stop watching or reading the news.
Stop reading the newspaper.
Don’t take part in gossip or listen to rumors.
Take a walk, just 30 minutes a day to clear your head and get some fresh air.

These actions are proven to improve a person’s outlook on life.  Try them and see what happens.

Since property values are up, now is a great time to consider painting your property.  Painting not only improves the appearance, but also protects your property against the elements of sun, wind and rain.

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When should you paint?

    When should you paint?
    Isn’t asking a painter that question just like asking Colonel Sanders how often you should eat chicken?  I guess it could be.  But who else can you ask?       
    I just got off the phone with a very nice property manager with an association that was looking at painting their perimeter wrought iron fence.  Wrought iron needs painting every three to five years.  They had gotten their painting bids.  And they were NOT happy.  
    They have a very big fence.  Some of the bids were in the 6 figure neighborhood.  The idea of spending that much money every four or five years just went against their grain.  With 400 homeowners it adds up to $4.65 a month per home.  They researched other options that don’t require maintenance.  Vinyl came up, along with the 7 figure number.  If they spread the expense of a vinyl fence over 4 years it’s $46.29 per month per door.  
    But they will never have to paint again.  
    So they haven’t made a decision.  
    A few years ago another condo property manager called and asked, “How much to paint 145 doors?  Two or three of them need to be replaced.”  I answered and wished him good day.  The next three years he called me each Spring and asked a price for 145 doors.  Each year more doors needed replacement.   The final May I got the call.  “How much to paint 145 doors?  Twenty five to thirty to be replaced now.”  The price of procrastination had reached 15 to 20 thousand dollars.  I asked him why they hadn’t just painted the doors before.  “The board couldn‘t make up their mind.” he responded ruefully.   
    Napoleon said, “Not making a decision, is a decision.”  Actually, not making a decision is just not making a decision.  But in the real world, not making a decision often has the EFFECT of making a decision. Maybe that’s what Monsieur Bonaparte meant.  If a general can’t decide whether to attack, the enemy won’t wait for him to make up his mind.  Exterior paint deterioration is just like that.  It doesn’t wait for you to make up your mind.  
    Folks, paint on the outside of a building is not merely adornment.  It preserves your building.  In the case of things which rot and rust like wood and steel, it saves you money.  Just like changing your oil protects your car’s engine, a paint job protects wood and steel.  And just like “saving money” by putting off your oil change for a year or two can cost you your engine, “saving money” by putting off your paint job can cost you the exterior of your building.  Deterioration happens inexorably, sunny day after rainy day.  (Luckily, there is scant paint breakdown on clear nights, so your poor hardworking paint gets a little time off!)  
    When should you paint?  Wood and steel?  Every five years.  Sooner, if it looks bad.  If it looks bad, you have damage.  Paint the damaged areas NOW.  
    Stucco?  A different story.  Paint it every 10-12 years.  Stucco doesn’t deteriorate as fast as wood or metal.
    There you are:  exterior painting in a nutshell.  
    By the way, the Colonel just called me back.  He told me, “Every day, boy.  Every day.”

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Since the dawn of humankind, our species has grappled with a great many problems, but perhaps none is as frustrating as the problem of IMPERMANENCE.

You know how it goes:  Your brand new, shiny car eventually turns faded, dented and scratched.  The wonderful, well-ironed, brand new white shirt you picked up becomes a lasagna-stained disgrace.  The smiling infant to whom you gave birth turns into an eye-rolling teenager...

Scholars have attempted to deal with the human challenge of impermanence, but none of them have arrived at a flawless answer.  That's where Ferris Painting comes in.  We've not only solved this issue - which, we'd like to remind you, has existed since ancient times - but we've done so with style, grace and a resilient smile.

Since we've been in business, we've made good use of our FOUR TO TEN-YEAR WARRANTY.  We're known for wanting the paint we put on to stay where it goes, rather than sneaking away in the dark of night.

But what just happened?  You're slapping your palm against your forehead and thinking, "By golly!  Someone just scratched our recently painted beautiful walls when they were moving their stuff."

Now what do you do???  Don't panic!  Just call us and we'll be there to make the job look good as new.  The is where our innovative new BEAUTIFICATION PROGRAM becomes relevant...

When you hire us to do a job of a specific minimum size (which we'll be pleased to explain in greater detail when you contact us), we will devote one day a year (at NO EXTRA COST) to showing up and re-painting any spots that got damaged, scratched, faded or otherwise removed from perfection since the original job was completed.

That means when you say goodbye to our painters, you don't have to get all teary-eyed and full of regret, depressed in the knowledge that you'll never, ever see them again.  Heck, no!  They'll be back once a year to keep that paint job good and fresh.

If you would like to take advantage of our BEAUTIFICATION PROGRAM, please click here.

Choosing Paint Colors

I'm here to discuss an important subject....Choosing Paint Colors. 

I know, I know, why such a controversial topic for our monthly letter?  Well, recently we had three large properties delay the start of their job because they assumed it would be easy for everyone to come together and choose new colors.  Well, it clearly wasn't and sometimes it takes a while.

Color choice is a very personal matter.  What one homeowner loves, another wouldn't wish on his worst enemy.  I was once at a dinner party where a fellow guest complimented the new yellow walls.  Several of us agreed, however one couple at the end of the table threw down their napkins and said they thought yellow should only be for school buses and taxis.

The good news is, here at Ferris Painting, we are well-prepared to deal with such a crisis.  We have the patience, the knowledge and experience to ensure that our clients get a color they can all live with for years to come.

We have the ability to take a picture of your building and with a computer, provide you with pictures of various alternate color schemes.  Then, when you see it, you'll know whether or not you like it. 

We won't let you settle for "Hi Ho Silver", when "Dangerous Robot" is available.  Come on....who wouldn't want "Dangerous Robot" on their building?!?!  There are over 1,000 colors to choose from.  So, if you are getting ready to paint, get your colors chosen soon.  Don't let it delay the start of your paint job.

If you need a paint estimate and want to have a frank discussion about color, click here.


The following story is true.

I'm Greg Lewis.  I'm a painter.  And this is one painter's story.

I felt bad for our customers at an HOA in Woodland Hills.  They have a beautiful complex in a park-like setting.  Much of the complex is shaded by eucalyptus and redwood trees, the local landscaper's favorites.  But much of it is beaten upon by our Southern California sun.

Both environments have their own challenge for painters.  Shady areas need good paint, otherwise moisture enters and dry rot follows.  Sunny aread breakdown the paint, eventually causing cracking.  Then the rain comes and the wood underneath the paint gets wet and swells.  When it dries, it cracks.  This continues each time it rains until we first have driftwood, then dry rot, then dirt.

Wood is a naturally strong, long-lasting and beautiful building materia, when it's protected.

I'm in the wood protecting business.  Wood protection lasts about 5 or 6 years on the south and west sides, 6 to 8 on the east sides and 10 to 15 years on the north side.  We generally use paint to protect wood.  This is where I come in.  If you wait too long after the last time your wood was painted, it begins to enter into that downward spiral that ends with dirt.  Long before that, your wood looks like it needs paint.  Here's a secret that only painter know:  If wood looks like needs painting--cracked, peeling paint and/or wood--it has entered the dirt spiral.  It's safer to paint by the book (every 5 or 6 years) than it is to take that risk.

The Woodland Hills HOA called us before the dirt stage.  Which is good, because we can do nothing with dirt.  But they were well within the spiral.  $30,000.00 worth of carpentry repairs into it.  Which is sad, because, though they might have thought they were saving money by waiting to paint, I think we can all agree that no money was saved.  In fact, they didn't even save money on the wood that they replaced.  Because it still needed to be painted after it was installed!

My old mentor used to say, "Pay me now or pay me later--but if you pay me later, plan on paying the carpenter too."  So if it's been 5 years since you painted your wood, call me.  Or if the paint is peeling and the wood is cracked, call me.

Don't let it slide down the dirt spiral!

I'm Greg Lewis, President of Ferris Painting.  If you need a paint job, click here.