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Thank you so much for the work you accomplished recently at Warwick Terrace Apartments, our 105-unit multi-building property in Los Angeles.  Your crew repainted the entire project inside and out, with tenants remaining in place and did so professionally, timely, on budget and with courtesy and respect to our tenants.  We appreciated your efforts and will be sure to call for our next project.

S. Berger, President/CEO

Thank you for reaching out to me as sometimes life gets in the way of just saying "Thank You".  For that I sincerely apologize.  Although I've been extremely busy, I'm reminded daily of how well our front gate here looks, either by contractors, homeowners or by my own admission.  Your guys did an awesome job!

The day your guys came out couldn't have been more hectic, constantly having to stop and start work because of traffic.  In my eyes this expresses how well your guys were able to adapt and complete the job in record time.  A dry newly painted gate when homeowners cam home was a priceless undertaking.  You and your guys made my week!  Your crew was very professional, polite and approachable.

Angela was awesome and she made sure I didn't miss her because she had an appointment.  It warmed my heart.  Appreciation of on't time shows character.  It's sad but some businesses lack the humanity it takes to communicate and I truly appreciate that about your company.  Your "Old Skol" way of doing business is a lost art; Where your word is your bond and trust is everything.  I wish there were more vendors out there like you.

Anyway Greg, it's been a sheer pleasure.  Keep up the great work.

J. Hogsett

I just wanted to say thank you for the fine interior/exterior painting project you completed for me in Old Agoura.  I appreciate your promp response, detailed proposal and your professional workers.  They were on-time, used the appropriate floor, wall coverings and did a great job cleaning up at the end of the day.

Your knowledge of the industry is unmatched and I look forward to working with you in the future.

Thank you again for a job well done.

S. Mason, Alpha Property Management

Thank you all for such careful and good work.  It is so nice to see our building now - it sparkles!  I like the way Ferris communicated with us.  Thanks for a job well done.

C. Cooper

I want to thank you so very much for the follow-up work that Mike and his team did for us on Thursday.  They did such a great and thorough job for us.  I would also like to specifically commend Mike for his supervisory and team spirit.  He is, no doubt, a great asset to you and your company!

Again, thank for your diligence in making this happen.  It has been a pleaseure working with you and Ferris Painting!

J. Jensen
President, Whitsett Townhomes

On behalf of the Board of Directors at Chester House HOA, I want to let you know that we are very pleased that we chose Ferris to paint the exterior of our complex.  We are quite confident that we picked the best company for this project!

After a number of years of neglect, our building looks tip-top again, thanks to your most professional crew.  We were impressed with their excellent performance, the courtesy and respect they showed our residents and how neat and clean they left our complex at the end of each work day.

Special kudos must be given to your crew's supervisor, Neno.  When he noticed some water dripping from the roof down the back our building, he went out of his way to discover it's source, which happened to be a leak in our water heating unit.  Without his "eagle eye" and follow up, this could have turned into a much more serious problem at some later date.  Thanks to Neno, we were able to replace the unit withour incurring any damage to our roof, for which we are most thankful.

I personally thank you, Greg, for all the help and good advice you gave me upon my assumption of the management responsibilites for the project at the very last minute.  I really appreciated your patience, your invaluable assistance and your regular, friendly communicatons with me.  It was truly a pleasure working with you!

In closing let me reiterate our complete satisfaction with Ferris Painting's performance on this project. We will certainly look to your company, Greg, for our future painting needs.

C. Starrett
Treasurer, Chester House COA

I'm very happy with my doors and the work that was done Saturday at our building.  Aside from thanking you for your patience and your crew for their hard work, I also want to compliment your employees for the consideration they showed our homeowneres.  They showed up on time, worked quietly, did a good job and cleaned up after they were done.  This is why we always come back to you.

Thanks again, for everything.

M. Gebhardt
Whitsett Townhomes


My HOA hired Greg to repaint our entire complex.  Not only did he and his crew do an excellent job (people often stop us on the street to comment on how great the building looks), but Greg was there for us every step of the way.  All of the homeowners commented on how professional, courteous and efficient the crew was.  We couldn't have asked for a better experience and would definitley hire Ferris Painting again.

A. Kleaver

Le me thank you for the personalized attention you gave us.  You answered our questions honestly and with concern for our satisfaction.  The project was completed ahead of time and you made the effort to stay involved and be on site to check on how everything was going.

A good experience and look forward to doing business with Ferris Painting again in the future.  I am particularly impressed that you continued to keep in touch.  I can't say that for the other companies we've done business with.

Thanks again for a job well done and no complaints from homeowners.

B. Vaccarella
President, 18000 Prairie HOA

Ferris Painting has just completed the project of painting the wood components in our complex and I wanted to thank you for a job well-done and compliment you on the excellent workmanship.

Your team of painters were professional, extremely competent and easy to work with.  The painting of all the wood components throughout our six buildings looks wonderful and we are very pleased with the results.

Thank you for your help!

K. Sanchez
President, Sunset Ridge HOA

Thank you for the painting job you did for us at Castleview Townhomes.  We were very impressed with the quality of work you did, plus the minimal disruption to all the owners/tenants.  Our building now looks really good!  I really appreciate that you have a warranty with your painting and you do follow-up with any touch up requests that we have.  I have a friend who is using another vendor for painting and all I am hearing is what a nightmare it has been and it's been going on for at least a month!  So, I am very happy with your responsive service and the quality of your work.  Yes, perhaps you might be a little pricier than others, but the peace of mind of having good work done, plus knowing that we have a warranty and can count on you to follow through makes all the difference.

Thanks for your excellent work!

L. Harvell
President, Castleview Townhomes

On behalf of the Homeowners Association, we thank you for a great job in painting our garages.  Your job Foreman, Neno, was respectful, profeesional and patient with the uniqueness of our buildings.  Neno worked very well with our Maintenance Supervisor, Cesar.  It was important that our crew and yours worked well together and it seemed to be a seamless process.

Your crew had shown respect for our property by cleaning up the working areas daily and respecting our construction curfews.  Overall, the job was done diligently, professionally and efficiently by your crew.

We look forward to having Ferris bid on our exterior stucco project in the coming years.

M. Sukey
HOA Administration, Brookside Village HOA

I want you to know that this is a first for me.  I have not written a "Thank You" letter to any company before.  I usually have a lot to complain about, but not in your case.

I got in touch with you, I believe in October or November 2010.  Actually it was due to all the mailings and post-it notes.  They were very informative and interesting and I did not resent them almost weekly.  I called and asked for references which were forthcoming with no delay, made it a point to check you out and with my talking to the various parties, who could not have been more helpful and pleased with your work.  One man told me his brother, who has a painting company, said he could not have done it at your price.

I called and set up an appointment with.  You came and gave me an estimate.  I chose the colors that I wanted.

The work started in November of 2012 and completed in a very short time, being all the preparation that had to be done.

To make a very long story short I could not have been more pleased with your workers.  They were clean and professional.  What "blew me away" was that they even covered the driveway with plastic as not to get paint on it.

You did not hesitate to send Marvin back to do the retouching that was needed.

I have been getting nothing but good feedback from whoever comes in our building, thanks.

I'm so very pleased that I have recommended your Company to the Condominium Board where we call home.

M. Wolveck
Euclid Ave., Pasadena

We are writing to tell you how pleased we are with the work which your company recently completed in our building.

Two years ago our Homeowners' Association began the arduous task of planning a major decoration project involving three floors of hallwyas and our lobby.  The major focus of attention was the hallways which included the removal of existing wallpaper and the complete painting of the walls, ceilings and 90 doors.

The planning process involved budgeting, securing the services of an experiences interior decorating firm and interviewing, and evaluating potential vendors.  The task was difficult and time consuming.  As with any major decision made by the Home Owners' Association of a condominium it involved much discussion before final decisions were made.  After carefully considering proposals from four different painting companies to execute the paint scheme recommended by our decorator, the Board of Directors selected Ferris Painting.  It is a decision we never regretted.

It is no easy task to deal with a condominium.  Not only does the Board have to be satisfied but, often, individual homeowners involve themselveds in the work.  In every instance we found you and your workers to be patient, interested and respectful.  Your professionalism in both the quality of the finished product and in the manner in which you conducted yourselves is much appreciated.

We are proud of the way the interior of our building looks and this is due, in large measure, to Ferris Painting.  We would welcome the oppourtunity to recommend you to others should the occasion arise.

The Board of Directors, Dickens Oaks HOA

Just to let you know that your company did a very good job of painting our lobby.  Everyone is very pleased with the work that was done.

It was done neatly and properly.  Your men were very pleasant and easy to work with.

The next time we need any painting done we will be sure to use Ferris Painting.

G. Prizant
President, Riverside Arms Condominium Homeowners Association

As you know, Ferris Painting recently completed painting the ironwork on the 2216 4th Street HOA property.  The ironwork was last painted around 10 years ago, so Ferris' painters had considerable prep work to remove rust buildup.  Board members, owners and residents comment that the ironwork now looks beautiful!

During it's eighteen year history, the 2216 4th Street HOA has hired Ferris Painting to paint the ironwork twice, the window and door trim and the building exterior.  Each time, the Board considered Ferris' terms fair, the paint quality exceptional, and the staffing reliable and safety conscious.

The 2216 4th Street HOA Board will not hesitate to request a painting estimate from Ferris Painting for future painting work.

On behalf of the Board of Directors, we wish you, George Cole and Ferris Painting staff members a joyous holiday season and a prosperous New Year in 2011.

M. Mills
President, 2216 4th Street HOA

Thank you so much for making our building beautiful again!  The wrought ironwork surrounding Cape Colony Condominium Association had not been painted since the building was completed nearly 30 years ago.  Your professional team of painters painstakingly removed the rust, primed and painted until it all looked like new.  All the while, the painters were mindful of the resident traffic in the surrounding area; were clean and neat, and never spilt a drop of paint anywhere!

The same comments go fot eh super job your compnay performed on staircases, banisters and railings - they look great too.  It was pleasure to work with Javier and his crew.

The Board of Directors will definitely consider Ferris Painting for any future work at the complex - hopefully soon.

Best wishes for the holiday season and a successful 2011.

S. Lacoure
President, Cape Colony Condominium Association

Thank you for an excellent job.  We appreciate all your work as we know it wasn't an easy job.  We will definitely recommend Ferris Painting, as we always do.

J. Lahmon

As the Board President of MTOHA, I am writing to thank you for the wonderful work your company, Ferris Painting, performed on our condominium complex here in South Pasadena.

It was a pleasure working with your crew.  They were absolutely professional, courteous and friendly.  We sincerely appreciate how they were able to work around so many homeowner' and tenants' schedules without any inconvenience or disturbance.

We are so happy to notify you that of the 43 units, the Board did not receive one complaint in regards to the painting project!  The complex looks amazing and we are excited about the fresh look and added value it has given our complex.

Please add us to your list of references as we would be happy to share our experiences with any potential customers.  We will definitley keep Ferris Painting on the top oifour list for any future painting projects here.

J. Urbina
Board President

"You've asked:  what was it like for us to work with Ferris Painting?  That's a 
hard question to answer.
Here's how I view it...
A phone call to get an estimate and to set up a date.
A phone call to rearrange our schedule.
The estimate approved by email.
The crew shows up on the right date and on time.
The crew goes to work.
The crew works quietly, efficiently, with little wasted effort.
The job is completed on time.  On budget.
The job is reviewed by the crew leader.
Minor touch-ups here and there.
Job done.  And done beautifully.
From our point of view, that's now exactly what I'd call "work".  You and the 
crew made everyone's life here a bit easier.  When things happen the way 
everybody agrees it should, it's called "professionalism."  And from start to 
finish Ferris was professional.  Y'gotta love it.  
Well done!"

D. & M. Ullman
For the Chateau Fontaine Home Owners Association