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Rain in October?

    As a place to live, the Los Angeles area is the crème de la crème - proof that life can be a bowl of cherries.  Our gentle climate nurtures us all, from the “peaches and cream” complexion of a Hollywood Starlet to the golden raisin tan of a Malibu Surfer.

    Last week I had to turn away an association that wanted to have Ferris Painting do their paint job before the rains start in October.  I thought to myself…“rain in October?”  Hmmm.  While I guess that is possible, statistically it’s not likely here in Southern California.

    That got me thinking…“just how much did rain effect us last year?”  So I looked it up and found out it rained a mere 6 inches in the past year.  The statistics always tell the truth!  We were actually delayed more due to wind than rain but none to fire, flood, famine or locust…as the famous saying goes.

    When one of those rare rain days leaves the stucco or wood too wet to paint, our desert climate is so wonderful that the wet surfaces dry out quickly and we can usually resume painting a day later and finish the job on schedule.

    Is painting seasonal?  Sure is, all the seasons!  We paint in Spring, Summer, Fall and Winter.  At least we have been every year for the past 38 years.

    Material costs do go up the beginning of each year, so now is an excellent time to plan for painting this fall or winter!  We would be happy to send our estimator, George, out to your building and give you an estimate.  He’s been in the business for over 30 years and I know you’ll really like him  Give us a call at 818-951-3207 or fax it to 818-951-5279.  Or you can email me at greg@ferrispainting.com or log on to our website at www.ferrispainting.com and email us from there.