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How I became a small business owner...

    Los Angeles is known as the entrepreneurial capital of the world.  We have about 200,000 small businesses, which is twice as many as can be found in any other region of the United States.  

    My name is Greg Lewis, I’m the owner of Ferris Painting and this is my story on how I became a small business owner.

    I’m a native Californian, born and raised.  We lived on “The Westside” of Los Angeles, right across the street from Roxbury Park.  Growing up, I would play Little League Baseball, AYSO Soccer, Team Tennis and Basketball.  I spent darn near every weekday afternoon and weekend at Roxbury Park. My mother was an actress and she helped me land a small part as a bad-boy “cub” in a 1976 movie called ‘Logan’s Run’ with Michael York and Jenny Agutter. I decided that acting was not for me, I much preferred sports.

    As a teenager I continued to play sports and really excelled at golf.  So after high school I went to the University of Houston for the sole reason that they were the #1 ranked golf team in the nation.  We won NCAA’s my freshman year and after school I turned pro.  That turned out not to be as easy as I thought.  So while playing on various mini-tours, I got a job at a local country club.  One day in 1986, the head pro at that club asked me to paint the outside of his house.  Right there my painting career started.  I could actually do pretty well supporting myself while I was playing on mini-tours.

    In 2005, I met Steve Ferris, the founder of Ferris Painting.  Steve was looking to retire and I was looking to take the next step up in the business world.  So we came to a mutual agreement and I have been running things here at Ferris Painting ever since.  

    We paint all over Los Angeles County and Ventura County.  One of the HOAs we are currently painting is Carefree Living in Port Hueneme.  If you would like to see our work, give us a call and we’ll give you some references for your area.

    If you would like a free painting estimate, Click here to contact us today!