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Happy New Year!

    The days are getting shorter and the nights are getting longer.  I’m sure those must be lyrics to some song, but they’re more than just that.  The sun setting earlier is not always a bad thing.  The end of the year brings a lot of fun; seeing little kids in their Halloween costumes, bigger kids coming home to be with their families for Thanksgiving, and the big surprise of what might be under the tree at Christmas (as well as any other celebrated holiday where you enjoy decorating your living room with strewn wrapping paper and ribbons all over the floor).  

    And finally, we start off the New Year fresh with endless possibilities of what might be to come….Ahh Happiness!

    The same goes for us here at Ferris Painting.  We get together with friends and family that we haven’t seen in a while, eat, laugh and eat some more!  Oh yeah and one more thing, WE PAINT!  
    Living here in Southern California enables us to paint every week of the year.  We have paint that can be applied even when it gets down as cold as 35 degrees.  That’s cold for me, since I’m a born and raised Californian, but not too cold for the paint.  When I grow up, I want to be tough like paint. :) 

    Our crews work 10 hours per day and 4 days per week (we actually had to apply to the State of California for special permission).  Here are the top 3 benefits to you when we do this:  

1.    If we do miss a day or two due to rain, we have 3 more days in the week to make up that time.  This keeps your project on schedule. Hooray!

2.    We only have to set up and break down 4 times per week, not 5 times.  That saves about 40 minutes per man per day, and over the duration of the job ends up saving you money by us being able to eliminate waste and keep our costs down. 

3.    We are on the job working and making noise only 4 days per week and not 5.  One more day of quiet peace, and the job still stays on schedule.  What could be better? 

    We live in one of the best climates on earth so even after it rains, our humidity is usually so low that stucco, wood and metal dry out quickly and we can get back to work beautifying your property and the world around you.  

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